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Ah, man, you just have to laugh at the delusions of the flat earth crew, right? Look what happened: the folks from the human rights committee of the US Congress decided to give our coup-plotters a run for their money. And what did this bunch do? They had to settle for setting up an improvised 'stage' on the street, renting a scribbled-up styrofoam pulpit, striking important poses as if they were in some mega crucial meeting with the Americans. But the sad spectacle was only for two extreme-right American congressmen. It was supposed to be three, but one got caught lying and dipping his hands in campaign money. How sad, huh?

And check out the story of Congressman Marcel van Hattem, what a name, my God! He came up with the idea that Alexandre de Moraes is locking up a bunch of people who were there on January 8th in Brasília by chance. You know what he meant? That people traveled for hours from all over the country just to get there and cause a fuss on 8/01 by chance, like a homeless person who happened to be there and got arrested, in fact, the only innocent person in that act. Ah, these politicians, you see? Their imagination is running wild!

And there's more: Eduardo Bolsonaro decided to spread his conspiracy theories. The guy said that the Supreme Court is setting up a 'Gulag' here in Brazil, just like those creepy prisons from the Soviet Union era. And to top it off, he even compared Brazil to Venezuela! Come on, man, someone tell him he's way off base? And as if talking a load of nonsense wasn't enough, there they were, on an improvised platform outside, shouting their lies to anyone who would listen. But Bananinha's English is more lost than a blind man in a shootout, what a tangled tongue! He let out an 'E and.' I bet he's the one who made that embarrassing presentation that Jair Bolsonaro showed abroad, badmouthing our own country.

No wonder they were barred from entering, right? I wonder if Eduardo had the guts to tell the Americans that they even planned to oust the elected president and put his own father in his place? Or that they encouraged an invasion and vandalism in Brasília? Ah, these politicians, you know? It's just laughable!"

In a political scenario full of twists and turns, a bombshell exploded, shaking the structures of power. The former Army commander, once respected, shed light on the dark backstage of a turbulent period, paving the way for justice to prevail.

The investigation revealed that General Freire Gomes, once praised for his integrity, was insulted by General Braga Netto for his refusal to participate in a coup planned in December 2022. This episode was just one of many coup attempts, including those in September and January 2023.

In his testimony to the Federal Police, Freire Gomes revealed a series of events that marked that tumultuous period. Highlighting Bolsonaro's direct orders for the Army to welcome coup supporters, revealing his clear anti-democratic stance.

The revelations don't stop there. Freire Gomes confirmed the existence of a meeting where a coup draft was presented to military commanders in the presence of Bolsonaro. This exposes the role of former President Jair Bolsonaro in the coup plot and the complicity of high military ranks.

General Freire Gomes's testimony, which was supposed to answer about 80 questions, brought details that resulted in over 200 inquiries.

These revelations mark a milestone in the search for truth and justice. By opening the doors of prisons for Bolsonaro and his allies, General Freire Gomes takes an important step towards accountability for crimes committed against democracy.

Anotações apreendidas na casa da múmia paralítica, escritas, pasmem, com letras de mocinha do ensino médio em português e não em hieróglifos egípcios

In addition, VEJA magazine published an article with photos of the pages from General Heleno's Coup Diary. The diary, seized from the house of the paralyzed mummy, was written, surprisingly, in feminine Portuguese handwriting and not in Egyptian hieroglyphics. Fortunately for us, it detailed the authoritarian procedures to be taken after a coup, such as the arrest of Federal Police delegates. In Heleno's disturbed and coup-minded vision, he would define what was “legal” or “illegal”. His idea was to delegate this responsibility to the Attorney General's Office (AGU), something completely unrelated to the control of the legality or illegality of the Judiciary's decisions.

Imagine, we came close to having these imbeciles as dictators. Our luck is that they are all pathetic and cowardly despite being cunning.

Under Lula's government, Brazil stood out in economic growth, even surpassing the United States and Japan!

The Brazilian economy grew by 2.9% in 2023, nearly reaching the global average of 3.1% estimated by the IMF. This is an incredible achievement, especially when compared to the world's largest economies, which had an average growth of only 2.3%.

Brazil closed last year with an accumulated growth of 2.9%, according to data from IBGE. Meanwhile, countries like India, China, and Indonesia continued to thrive with performance above 5%.

The USA grew by 2.5%, an increase from the previous year, but still below what the country's central bank considers ideal. In Europe, the outlook was not so encouraging, with countries like the United Kingdom and Germany practically stagnating.

Despite IMF projections indicating global growth of 3.1% in 2023, with Brazil remaining the eighth-largest economy in the world, the stronger dollar may affect these numbers.

Anyway, it's exciting news for Brazil, showing that we are on the right path to a promising economic future!

Minister of Finance in the Lula Government proposes taxing billionaires to fund Universal Basic Income

During his virtual speech at the G20, Finance Minister Fernando Haddad outlined a comprehensive approach to tackling global challenges. He emphasized the need for billionaires to contribute more in taxes to finance a universal basic income for the poorest people worldwide.

Haddad highlighted that the recent wave of globalization has led to increased inequality, with wealth concentrating in the hands of a few while many struggle to meet basic needs. He proposed a new era of socio-environmental globalization, where progressive taxation and international cooperation would be essential to create a financial safety net for all citizens, regardless of their occupation or economic situation.

In addition to advocating for fairer taxation of billionaires, Haddad argued for the implementation of a global minimum wealth tax as an essential part of this strategy. He stressed that the resources from these taxes could be directed towards funding a universal basic income, providing people with access to basic needs such as food, housing, and healthcare, thereby reducing poverty and promoting equal opportunities.

Although the proposal faces challenges and debates about its feasibility and impact, Haddad believes it is time to address global challenges with a more supportive and collaborative approach among the nations represented at the G20. The implementation of a universal basic income, funded by the wealthiest individuals, could be a way to build a fairer and more equitable world for all.

Universal Basic Income in Brazil and Worldwide

In Brazil, the idea of a universal basic income is not new. Former senator Eduardo Suplicy is widely recognized as a pioneer in this field, tirelessly advocating for this proposal for decades. His visionary vision has inspired debates and discussions across the country, highlighting the importance of ensuring a minimum standard of living for all citizens. Now, with Minister Haddad's recent proposal to tax billionaires to fund universal basic income, Brazil may be closer than ever to turning this vision into reality, paving the way for a fairer and more egalitarian future for all.

In the world, some prominent billionaires have already expressed support for the idea of a universal basic income. Among them are:

Elon Musk: The CEO of Tesla and SpaceX has mentioned on several occasions the need for a universal basic income to address the challenges of automation and artificial intelligence.

Mark Zuckerberg: The founder of Facebook has also advocated for the idea of a universal basic income as a way to provide financial security to people and allow them to pursue creative and innovative opportunities.

Richard Branson: The British entrepreneur and founder of the Virgin Group has expressed support for the idea of a universal basic income as a way to combat poverty and promote equal opportunities.

Chris Hughes: Co-founder of Facebook and advocate for universal basic income in the United States, Hughes has argued that it is a viable solution to address economic inequality and ensure a decent standard of living for all citizens.

A USP research on participants in the pro-Bolsonaro demonstration is a real horror show! It seems they gathered a bunch of lunatics and coup plotters for the event. According to the study, 49% of the protesters are applauding for coup-like measures, such as invoking Article 142. Just imagine, wanting to declare a coup and still thinking of themselves as modern revolutionaries!

The event had 185 thousand participants, according to a survey also conducted by the University of São Paulo - USP.

The survey was conducted using software that utilizes artificial intelligence to count cattle heads on farms. It seems like a joke, considering Brazilians refer to these supporters of the former president as "cattle.

But wait, it gets even more hilarious! It seems like these folks are more lost than a blind man in a shooting when it comes to democracy. The survey revealed that 88% of them are convinced that Bolsonaro won the 2022 elections. My friends, if there's an award for the damage caused by fake news, these guys certainly win by a landslide!

And there's more: 94% of the participants believe Brazil is living under a "dictatorship". Of course, because nothing says "democracy" like having a barbecue in the backyard while complaining about a supposed dictatorship, right?

But hey, you can't deny the ideological identity of these people. It was a true far-right parade, with 92% identifying themselves as right-wing and 78% calling themselves "very conservative". I guess "radical" has become their middle name!

It seems that even among Bolsonaro supporters, there were those who felt ashamed in the face of so many absurdities. Just imagine, even they feeling embarrassed with the horror show!

Fed by the fake news from the far-right hate office and by the sermons of the rogue pastors, like Malafaia. And look, these guys live in such a closed bubble that they don't even know that only 1.9% of Israelis are Christians and that they don't even accept Jesus!

If the survey had asked about vaccines, I bet most of them would declare themselves anti-vaccine. And if they had asked if the earth is round, the answer would surely be that the earth is flat! I swear, these guys are more lost than a blind man in a shooting!

But hey, not everything is a disaster in this story. The survey shows that, despite all this circus, these folks are a minority. They are those white middle-class old guys, who, besides being radical, are also terrible at interpreting reality. Maybe it's better to leave them in their little world, before they infect us with more conspiracy theories and fake news.

With information from Blog O Cafezinho and ICL News

Bolsonaro's crew, those who have always scoffed at human rights, are now knocking on the doors of international courts, like the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights and even the Inter-American Court of Human Rights, in a hustle that even Lula would find amusing.

Bolsonaro's "bros," like Flávio Bolsonaro (PL-RJ) and Nikolas Ferreira (PL-MG), are claiming that the former boss is being persecuted and mistreated by the STF, as if the guy were a misunderstood hero.

And so, these guys are trying to gather a bunch of signatures from deputies to give weight to the scheme. They think about 100 deputies will join this mess because, well, many of them also had beef with Lula. Even the senators are in the crosshairs.

But there's a catch: international justice can't meddle with the STF, man. So, their idea is more full of holes than a sieve. It's like Bolsonaro making nice with human rights after saying it was all a bunch of nonsense. Give me a break!

The left-wing crowd is just laughing at this whole circus because, hey, Bolsonaro has always called human rights "fertilizer for banditry" So now he's asking the OAS for help? Just laughing at that!